2017 Season: Initial Design & Planning

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Ahh the end of summer, time to begin designing and planning our show for this year. We started using SketchUp, which is a free 3D modeling program to assist us this year. This allows us to layout our display, and where all the cables, props, and lights will go. It also helps me to know what we need to purchase, such as extra extensions cords, lights, etc. We spent about 2 hours outside recently, taking detailed measurements of the house, each door and window, the gutters, roofline, as well as the entire yard and propertly lines. We can tell you within an inch or 2 where everything you see pictured is in the yard. This method is a lot easier than the old way of doing things which included pictures and hand drawn sketches.

Once we get our songs picked out, and our props where we want them; we will begin sequencing the show for this year.

SketchUp 3D Model

Picture from 2016

Picture from 2016